Douglas B. Sands got his start in hypnosis through meditation. Hypnosis caught his attention, and it’s held it ever since. Doug quickly developed his hypnosis skills, using it both therapeutically and for the stage.

Doug has been personally trained by Mike Mandel and Michael C. Anthony, two of the most renowned hypnotists in North America. He tours at venues around the United States.

Hypnosis LIVE!

Wow your audiences with a stage show this season! Douglas B. Sands is the perfect hypnotist for your event, combining professional hypnosis with top-notch comedy.

It’s more than an event — it’s an experience your entire group will remember for a lifetime. Whether you’re entertaining college students, putting on a corporate event, or fundraising for your local high school, Douglas B. Sands will have your audience roaring with laughter.

High Schools

No two high schools are alike – and neither are these hypnosis shows! Each performance is 100% clean and 100% memorable. Looking for an After-Prom or Grad Night that everyonwill remember? Go with Douglas B. Sands, professional hypnotist.

Doug performs fundraisers too — sometimes raising $10,000 in a single day! 


Need to excite the student body? Join the growing number of colleges who choose hypnosis as their premier entertainment. Book Doug for your:

– Freshman Orientation
– Transfer Student Week
– Move-In Week
– Family Weekend
– Greek Week Unity Days
– Comedy Nights
– Campus Activities

Corporate Event

You get one shot at it: make this corporate event impossible to forget!

Doug performs a completely clean and completely insured corporate show like no other. With volunteers rushing the stage, this show is sure to make your event last in everyone’s memory.

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Hypnosis Answers 

Many people have questions, because hypnosis is pretty wild. In these shows, Doug harnesses our natural trance abilities and makes them shine.

Learn more about this naturally occurring state here. 

Is it hard to do?

Not at all. In fact, most of us are already experts at it. Hypnosis is simply a trance – like when we zone out while driving a car. It’s perfectly harmless. In fact, most people enter some state of hypnosis every seven minutes.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Of course! We do it to ourselves all the time. The only trait someone needs to be hypnotized is the ability to focus.

What does it feel like?

Relaxing, comforting, and soothing, all at once. Many people liken it to meditation – and for good reason. Meditation is one of the oldest forms of ritualized trances in the world.

Will I lose control?

Under hypnosis, it’s impossible to make anyone do anything that violates their moral code. Hypnotized volunteers are conscious and aware at all times — even when they seem to be sleeping.

How long do suggestions last?

Suggestions made in therapy can last a lifetime! However, Doug’s show suggestions only last the duration of the performance. Every stage show ends with Doug erasing all the suggestions he gave his volunteers — and giving some bonus therapeutic tools. As a professionally trained hypnotherapist, Doug specializes in creating lasting change with only a few suggestions.

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