High Schools

No two high schools are alike – and neither are these hypnosis shows! Each show is 100% clean and 100% memorable. Students will remember the crazy fun they and their friends had onstage for years.

 Need fundraising? Ask how to raise $10,000 or more… in a single night!

The Shows


Book Douglas B. Sands to perform at your:

– Grad Night
– Post-Prom Lock-in
– Senior Breakfast
– Homecoming
– Winter Carnival

Book your show soon, because a hypnotist’s calendar fills up well in advance.

Douglas also performs fundraising shows — some raise $10,000 or more in a single night! Instead of selling chocolates or frozen pizzas, have Douglas B. Sands perform a show that funds your dreams AND entertains your community.


Douglas offers a fundraising deal that few other fundraisers can match: 50% of all proceeds go directly to the school.

Students just sell the tickets, and Douglas takes care of the rest. Posters, tickets, and promotional materials are all provided. Douglas brings the entertainment, and all you need to do is enjoy. 

Easy Examples: 

– 500 students x 2 tickets ($20) = $20,000
– 500 students x 4 tickets ($20) = $40,000
– 750 students x 4 tickets ($20) = $60,000!




The Perfect Choice

Douglas B. Sands is one of few stage hypnotists who connects with a high school audience on their level. Douglas brings a fantastic, fully clean hypnosis show that gets students on the edge of their seats. His volunteers even compete in full-on dance battles — this show really moves!

Helping Students Achieve


As a certified Hypnotherapist, Douglas B. Sands also helps high school students conquer their fears. Bring in Douglas to help your student body with:

– Exam Prep
– Sports Performance
Speaking Onstage 

From the exam room to the sports field, all students benefit when they’re empowered to achieve dreams.
Bring in Douglas B. Sands to help your students build the lifelong skills they need to succeed.



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